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Our Curriculum 



As a school, we follow the National Curriculum. Every term, each year group covers a topic; the majority of subjects are taught through this topic. We call this our Creative Curriculum. The children are immediately immersed into the topic, often through a ‘stunning start’, which could involve the engagement of external or internal providers. All visits and trips are based around the topic wherever possible, ensuring that the pupils’ love for learning is deepened. Subjects which do not fit into the topic are taught as stand-alone lessons.

Our overall aim is that ALL PUPILS - regardless of their background, needs or abilities - read widely and often, with fluency and comprehension at least appropriate to their age. Writing is taught through the topic, which has captured children’s imagination. The school’s Maths curriculum is taught separately. There is a focus on developing pupils’ ability to problem solve and reason about maths, once the children become fluent with a mathematical skill.

We are an inclusive school. All staff are passionate and driven to ensure that every child is given every opportunity to develop and succeed to their full potential. For those children who are disadvantaged or have SEND, opportunities are given for them to be included in the curriculum but also to receive timely quality interventions to close gaps in their knowledge and skills, providing them with a range of support to include the four areas of need.



All pupils experience high quality teaching and learning opportunities. Teachers have a secure knowledge and understanding of their year group curriculum. The school’s values are embedded within the curriculum; these are instrumental in producing pupils who are outstanding citizens and prepared for life-long learning.


Below, you will find our Curriculum Maps, as well as Curriculum Plans for PSHRE, British Values and SMSC.



Whilst English and Maths data measures the impact of our curriculum, we also recognise there are a range of other important indicators.


This includes ensuring children come to school happy, safe and cared for. Children are prepared for lifelong learning, they become good role models and have high aspirations for their future.


As a school, we also assess the foundation curriculum through Cotwall End’s Key Threads. The Key Threads are derived from the National Curriculum objectives for each year group. These ensure that the children have a deeper knowledge and understanding which remains embedded in their long term memory and is built upon as the children progress through our school.


You will find Cotwall End’s Key Threads for Topic and Science.

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