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Here at Cotwall End, we pride ourselves in the way that we develop working together and a community spirit.  To develop this further across the whole school, every child is a member of one of our four houses:


  • Beacon, who wear blue and have a chivalrous shark as their mascot

  • Wrekin, who wear yellow and have a very cheerful chicken as their mascot

  • Clent, who wear green and have a fearless frog mascot

  • Malvern, who wear red and have a lively lobster mascot

In a similar way to our School Councillors, Year 6 pupils put themselves forward to become House Captain and prepare a short speech to say why they would like to represent their House.  At the beginning of every year, the children meet in their Houses and vote in the House Captain who they choose to represent them for the coming year.   House Captains represent their House at sporting events and are instrumental in driving forward their House to gain the highest number of House Points each week.  This is announced in our Praise Assembly and the House Captain is accompanied by their House Mascot to celebrate their success.

Here are our wonderful House Captains for 2023-2024:

HOUSE CAPTAINS 2_edited.png
T SHIRT LALBES_edited.png
House Captains 202324.jpg
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