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Our Attendance so far this year is 95.24%

National Attendance is 94.6% - well done everyone!


Here at Cotwall End, we aim for every child to enjoy school. To do this, they need to be here every day they possibly can. To encourage excellent attendance, we have developed a fun and exciting curriculum; one where every child has a voice and every child has a chance to develop into the best person they can be.


Attendance Rewards

In October 2023, we launched an exciting new initiative that promises to be both fun and educational for our students while reinforcing the importance of regular attendance in school. Our brand-new game, "Cotwall End, Rewards Edition”, has been designed with the aim of improving overall attendance and helping children understand its significance in their education. This engaging game is inspired by the format of a well known board game and is housed in our Key Stage 2 hall, making it easily accessible for children and our visitors. There are prizes up for grabs which are designed to be fun, engaging and light hearted, providing our students with a rewarding experience. We look forward to seeing the enthusiasm and excitement this new game brings to our school!

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Year groups rewards have included:

attendance 4.jpg


100% Attendance

autumn badge.jpg
spring badge.jpg
summer badge.jpg

105 pupils gained their 100% Attendance badge for Autumn Term 2023 - that's 25% of the School!

117 pupils gained their 100% Attendance badge in Spring Term 2024 - that's 28% of the School!

This is still to be decided but lets try to improve on 117!


Regular attendance in school is crucial to raising standards of education and ensuring every child can meet their full potential. Missing out on lessons can leave children vulnerable to falling behind and achieving less than that which they are capable. The impact of missed lessons goes beyond academic achievement though, and also influences friendships, self-esteem and the need to instil a regular routine in preparation for Secondary Education and beyond.

If you allow your child to miss school during term time for an avoidable reason without obtaining prior approval from school, you may be referred to the Education Support Service (ESS) and could be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice. We never want to take this course of action, however. We want to work with you to make things better for your child, for you and for your family. If you are struggling to get your child to school on time, or are having difficulties motivating them to attend, please speak to us. We have a compassionate Senior Leadership Team and fantastic pastoral support systems in place.

Please, please avoid booking holidays during term-time, this often happens at the beginning or end of a term - two of the busiest and often the most enjoyable times in school. If you do need to book planned time off for your child during term time, please ask the School Office for a Leave of Absence form. The form must be completed and submitted to school at least 15 days before the absence. You will receive a letter from the Headteacher to confirm whether or not the absence has been authorised. Please note that a term time Leave of Absence for a family holiday or event will not be authorised unless the circumstances are deemed to be truly exceptional. We know that holidays are often significantly cheaper during term-time, but your child misses out on so much while they are away and legally, they should be in school. Where a holiday is taken following an unsuccessful application for Leave of Absence, a referral can be made to the ESS and a Penalty Notice can be issued, which is a fine of up to £120.00 per parent, per child.

Please also avoid booking appointments (GP, dentist, optician etc.) during the school day. It may not seem like a big issue to collect early or drop off late, but even 15 minutes can disrupt your child's day and cause them to miss important learning, as well as causing disruption for the other children in class. Hospital appointments where the date and time have been set for you by the hospital are the exception to this rule, however it is good practice to show the appointment letter to the School Office in advance so that the register can be updated. 

Smiling, happy, energetic and friendly children are what we see at Cotwall End every day; children who love to learn, develop key skills, knowledge and qualities to make them into the outstanding role-models that they are. The message is simple - come to Cotwall End every day so that you can become the stars that we know you all are!

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