We have three specific areas of Safeguarding within our school.  Each area has one or more lead.  The reason for having more than one is to ensure at all times we have a lead in school if there is a specific safeguarding issue.

Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Claire Williams

Sue Sullivan

Gemma Wilkes

Designated Teacher for Looked After Children:

Claire Williams

Gemma Wilkes

Designated Teacher with responsibility for the Prevent Duty:

Claire Williams

Information on Dudley Safeguarding in Education can be found here:


Policy Documents

Working together to safeguard children

Child Protection

Child Protection Policy 2021-2022

Child Protection Policy Addendum: COVID-19 School Closure Arrangements

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Internet Safety - We are very aware of the issues surrounding social media at the moment and the problems that can arise because of these. 
We have focus classes throughout the year reminding the children of Internet Safety and encourage them to ask any questions and talk to us about their concerns. 
Internet Safety is also taught through IT lessons in class.  Please read the following documents and websites for further information on how you can help your child with online safety at home.



e-Safe (e-Safety Resources - for further information please click here.)


Sexting in Schools


Online Safety Report - Spring/Summer 2020