School Council

Cotwall End School Council gives pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone by working together to develop a caring school community as well as offering support to local charities.


Our councillors pride themselves in making a positive impact on their school.

The School Councillors meet regularly with their class and hold termly ‘surgeries’ to gather any issues or ideas for improving our school.

They then meet once every half term as a group to discuss the surgeries and plan fundraising events.


Meet our School Council

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What have we done so far? 

February saw our Fundraising week for our local animal sanctuary, Brockswood. We held a For the Love of Animals Day on 14th February to raise money and awareness of animal welfare. Please see the News and events page which has photos from the day.

On 13th March 2019, the School Council visited Brockswood to present the cheque and we also had a chance to meet some of the animals. 

We are thrilled to say we raised a total of £1000!



What have we done this year?


Our school now has a defibrillator!

At our first meeting back in October 2017 we decided to make this our goal. We were thrilled to have achieved this by November with the help of the Charlotte & Craig Saving Hearts Foundation. 


Our mission then became to raise as much money as we could for this amazing charity. We ran a stall at the Christmas Fair which raised £91. The HSA kindly donated to make the total up to £150.

Then on 14th February we held our ‘Hearts for Saving Hearts Day’. It was a fabulous day enjoyed by all. Lessons had a ‘healthy heart theme’, we had ‘heart inspired’ food at lunchtime and we took part in CPR demonstrations. During the day we all helped to build a giant coin heart with everyone’s donations.

We were overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and support for this charity. The day raised a total of £987!

Following this, Mr Wilkes ran a photo competition where we had to guess the members of staff from their childhood photos. It was great fun and together with a personal donation from Mr Wilkes this raised another £156.

The total we have raised for the charity now stands at £1293!

Thank you for all your support.

Rob & Maggie came to collect their cheque on 23rd May during a special assembly. They were delighted!







Don’t forget our ‘Cash 4 Coins’ initiative! If you have any foreign or out of date currency, please bring it in and we can change it into cash for charity!

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