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Music at Cotwall End 

We value the importance of a music education. Music plays a key role in brain development. It can improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, improve confidence, social skills and encourages creativity.

We have a fabulous KS2 Choir, which at present has almost 50 members. Our Choir rehearses once a week for an hour after school and has regular performances throughout the year. Our repertoire covers all styles of music. We have recently been singing songs from ‘The Lion King’ ‘Matilda’ Katy Perry, ABBA, Queen, Taylor Swift and many more.

We have many children from as young as Year 2 right through to Year 6 learning to play musical instruments, with lessons in school provided by peripatetic music teachers from Dudley Performing Arts. We have children learning to play the Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Keyboard, Guitar, Oboe, Trumpet, Cornet and also now a Tenoroon!!! If your child is interested in taking up a musical instrument, you can find out more here.

Many of our instrumentalists play in the School Orchestra, which rehearses every week after school. Being a member of an ensemble builds social skills and the ability to work as a team and it is lots of fun!

Years 4, 5 and 6 have a term of Whole-Class Flute lessons every year with Dudley Performing Arts and every child in Year 3 is taught to play the recorder through weekly lessons with Mrs Gullick, our school music teacher.

We also have a Recorder Club, which rehearses once a week. Most of our members play Descant recorder, however some of our older children get the opportunity to learn to play Treble and Tenor recorders too.

To showcase all of this musical talent in school, we hold special Music Concerts twice a year, at Christmas and in the summer. It's a wonderful opportunity for parents, carers, family and friends to come and celebrate the wonderful achievements of our children and share in the joy of music making.


Music is very much alive at Cotwall End!

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