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Our Values

Our staff recently took part in a value education day.  This involved the staff identifying which values they felt best represented Cotwall End.  From that session we came up with a number of values to present to the children of Cotwall End.

We gave the children pictures of Yoda, Snow White, Tigger, Pinocchio, Mufasa and Dumbo and asked them to think of their own words to describe the pictures and to think of any quotes that they felt the pictures represented.

Once all these were collated from the children together with the values the staff had come up with, all the information was given to the children who represent the School Council and together with the help of the HSA they looked at all of these.  The children voted for which words and quotes they felt best represented the values of Cotwall End.  Children were unanimous with the decisions they made and ensured it was a fair and democratic process.

Children then helped to finish getting the values onto canvas where these shall be displayed throughout the school.

Here are the values of Cotwall End with the winning quotes.  We hope you agree how wonderful they are and what a superb job they did.

Self Belief

After a recent assembly explaining to all the school that our Values are like the branches of a tree and the trunk is 'Love' because everything we do and strive for should be underpinned by Love, one of our pupils, Elara wrote this poem for the school.

Love by Elara

Love is red like a heart,

It tastes like a sunrise over a beach,

It feels like a smooth shell,

Love smells like a soft breeze,

Love is a kind thing,

If you have it inside you,

Always keep it inside you!

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