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In March 2023, British Science week had the theme of "Connections" .  Children from Pre-School to Year 6 took part in exciting science activities linked to the theme in class, including KS1 children become forensic scientists and taking and closely observing their own, and other people's fingerprints!


Following on from the success of last year's whole school competition, this year we launched an upcycling challenge.  The idea was to make something both beautiful and useful out of things that would normally be thrown away.  We had rockets and piggy banks, a toy car garage, a dolls bed and house, a wind chime, pen pots and planters, even some upcycled plantable seeded paper!  The entries were so varied and so incredible.  A massive well done to all you scientists and your families.  We are all really proud of you.

June 2023 - Year 2 have been learning about the importance of good hygiene and handwashing in Science recently. Three weeks ago, we set up the bread investigation (pictured below) and have been observing over time what will happen to the 3 different slices. We learned that germs can easily spread to any surface that we touch with our hands.

Year 2 science.jpeg
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