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It is against the law to discriminate against someone because of:

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Race

  • Religion or Belief

  • Sex

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Gender Reassignment

  • Marriage and Civil Partnership

  • Pregnancy and Maternity


These are called Protected Characteristics.


In UK law, the 2010 Equality Act protects individuals from discrimination.

No form of discrimination is tolerated at Cotwall End Primary School and we are proud that our pupils show respect for all. The PSHRE curriculum is planned and delivered so that our pupils develop age appropriate knowledge and understanding. Below is an overview of when our children are taught about Protected Characteristics through PSHRE lessons, as well as some of the stories we use to help support learning.

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Welcome to the stories of Dog, Duck and Cat

The Dog, Duck and Cat Trust want to help you teach your child, or the children you work with, about some of the things in their world that could potentially cause them some bother. Children have accidents, that’s just a fact of life, but if we can cut down their opportunities to hurt themselves then we can help keep them out of emergency departments, or worse!

We also want to help them to develop their core skills, skills that will be needed by them today and for the rest of their lives. We want them to understand want good friendships and relationships are, to know how they can help themselves, and, know when they should seek help from a trusted adult.

Mini First Aid

This week, Sarah from Mini First Aid has been in school each day to teach all children in school from Reception to Year 6 the importance of First Aid and how to do the basics. KS1 children have learned how to put on plasters, how and why we use ice packs, who to call in an emergency and how to position our bodies when we feel poorly. They have done lots of role play with some poorly teddy bears and even practiced calling 999 on toy phones. KS2 children have learned how to apply slings and bandages, how to deal with burns and even met Resusci Annie to learn how to deal with choking and the basics of resuscitation. They also practiced putting each other in the recovery position.


This has been a fantastic experience for the children, enjoyed by all. First Aid is such an important, valuable life skill and we are proud of each and every one of our children for getting stuck in.

Spreading Kindness at Cotwall End

Last week we celebrated RSE Day (Relationships Education Day), an annual day where we are encouraged to celebrate how super we all are! This year the theme was ‘Launch into Kindness!’ During a special assembly, the children were told that a ‘Ninja’ had secretly been spreading kindness around school for over a week or so! Several lucky members of staff had been 'hit with kindness' and received a certificate and a chocolate bar. The children were then asked to think about how they could show kindness and were set the challenge of pledging kindness to others. The children wrote their 'kindness pledges' on strips of coloured paper and we joined our pledges together to make a super, bright display in the school hall!

Citizenship Award

This term, we received some fabulous nominations for our Cotwall End Citizenship Award. We had a variety of nominations including: raising money for charities, litter-picking, helping neighbours, acts of kindness to others, volunteering in the community and helping animals. During a special assembly, it was an absolute joy to share the nominations and celebrate some wonderful examples of good citizenship with the rest of the school - we certainly have some wonderful citizens at Cotwall End! Our School Council had the tricky task of choosing an overall winner. They were delighted to announce Olivia as the proud winner of this prestigious award! Olivia is a very deserving winner; she's a fantastic role model to the other children and we are incredibly proud of her and the rest of the nominees - well done children!!

DPA Harmony 2023

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, Dudley Performing Arts organised a mass sing at 2.00pm on Friday 10th February, where the same song - "Connecting Together" - would be sung at the same time in schools, workplaces and homes across the Midlands to share and enjoy the benefits of singing together. Our children thoroughly enjoyed congregating in the hall to sing their hearts out and sign the words along with the live-streamed musicians at DPA, knowing that thousands of other children were doing the same thing at the same time. Well done everybody!

Children's Mental Health Week - Let's Connect

We have been taking part in the national Children’s Mental Health Week to raise awareness about the importance of young people’s mental health. The theme this year is ‘Let’s Connect’ and it is about making meaningful connections with family, friends and members of the wider community to help improve our own mental health. On Monday 6th February, the children came to school with an item of their uniform worn inside out. This was a fun way to show the children how our emotions are often hidden inside, but that it can be good for our own mental health to show our emotions and to share how we are feeling with others. Our wonderful School Council have also been selling wrist bands with the ‘Let’s Connect’ logo on throughout the week. The wrist bands have been specially made for children at Cotwall End. Any profit from the sale of the wrist bands will be donated to ‘Young Minds’, a charity which does superb work supporting children with mental health difficulties.

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