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Here at Cotwall End, we have a uniform that all children are expected to wear.


Branded items embroidered with the school logo are marked below with a * and can be purchased from Crested Schoolwear (Churchill Shopping Centre, Dudley) or online at Brigade and Ward's School & Workwear (links below). There is no formal expectation for children to wear branded uniform in school. Non-branded uniform, such as from a supermarket, is acceptable and will help to keep costs down.

Please ensure that all items of uniform have your child's name in. This helps us to reunite any lost property with its owner much more easily.



  • ​Light blue polo top* or light blue full shirt

  • Navy blue jumper*

  • Grey trousers

  • Tie (optional)

  • Black shoes (velcro fasteners if possible for Reception)

  • Outdoor coat

  • Bookbag*


      Summer Alternatives

  • Grey school shorts

  • Sandals if preferred (dark colour)

  • Caps may be worn outside


  • Light blue polo top* or blouse

  • Navy blue cardigan or jumper*

  • Grey skirt, trousers or pinafore dress

  • White or grey socks, grey tights

  • Black flat heeled shoes (velcro fasteners if possible for Reception)

  • Outdoor coat​

  • Bookbag*

Summer Alternatives

  • Blue/white gingham check or stripe dress

  • Sandals if preferred (white or dark in colour, no flip-flops, high heels or pink)

  • Grey tailored shorts

  • Caps may be worn outside



  • PE T-shirt in House colour* (Malvern = Red, Clent = Green, Wrekin = Yellow, Beacon = Blue)

  • Black or navy PE shorts

  • Black pumps for Reception and KS1 / black pumps and trainers for KS2

  • Navy, black or grey tracksuit

  • Pumpbag*


* Item available with embroidered logo from Crested Schoolwear in Dudley or online at Brigade and Ward's School & Workwear.


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