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The Governors at Cotwall End School play an important role at our school.  The main role of a Governor:

  • They are guardians of the purpose and aims of the school, ensuring accountability, transparency and informed engagement;

  • Ensure children receive their entitlement to high quality learning and care;

  • Ensure that public money is spent in the best interests and needs of all pupils and reflects the school’s priorities;

  • On behalf of the community, they challenge and support the school.

Who are the Governors appointed by?

  • Co-opted - Governing Body appoint

  • Local Authority - LA nominate, Governing Body appoint

  • Parent - Elected by Parents

  • Staff - Elected by Staff

All Governors are members of the Full Governing Body Committee whom meet on a regular basis, they are also members of individual committees as listed below:


*SDC - School Development Committee

*Perf Mgt - Performance Management

How do I become a governor?

If you think you have what it takes to be a school governor there are a number of ways of finding schools that have vacancies:

  • You can contact your local school to ask if they need a new governor

  • You can contact your local council

  • You can use the Inspiring Governance website


To find out more the Governance handbook has been produced by the Department for Education, it offers guidance and sets out the government’s vision and priorities for effective governance within schools.  Please click here to view.

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