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Play Leaders


Playleaders are an integral part of providing games and participation during break time and lunch time. This opportunity is available for children in Years 3 to 6. Children can apply by completing an application form at the start of the academic year.


Playleaders are a great asset to our school and help the lunch time staff in both KS1 and KS2 to organise accessible games, as well as providing social and emotional help.


One of the aims of the scheme is that it will increase the amount of physical activity undertaken during playtimes and ensure all children enjoy their playtimes, with a range of activities available and groups of children to play with. These pupils know how to start games and how to interact with children through fun and exciting activities. This allows the playleaders to demonstrate our school values and become role models for those around them. The scheme will also hopefully raise self-esteem and self-confidence of the leaders.


Play Leaders wear a red visibility vest, so they are always easy to find by the staff and children. We are very proud of our Play Leaders and the role they play in promoting active, happy lunchtimes.

Dining Room Buddies

One aim of Dining Room Buddies is to introduce and develop leadership skills for Year 6 children. Our Buddies help to make school dinners and the dining experience at school as enjoyable and as healthy as possible. We work to promote Healthy Eating as well as providing children with social and emotional help.


We wear green aprons and can be spotted easily. Come and tell us how we can make dinner times healthier and more enjoyable at school!

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