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As the sun was shining, last week Year 6 took the opportunity to have our water fight. Everyone had a fabulous time, and we were all soaked to the skin - teachers included! Loved it!

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A few children stayed behind while Year 6 were on residential. During their week of fun activities, the children were super. They helped make the giant flags that will be used at Sports Day, had fun and games in the classroom, and even enjoyed designing and making their own delicious pizza. Yum! A big thank you to the teaching assistants who looked after the children during the week.

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​Year 6 had an absolutely amazing time on residential this year. While at Frank Chapman, we did all sorts: we climbed the high ropes, stacked crates as high as we could, went in underground mines, had a go at archery, geocaching and orienteering too. After a peaceful walk through the woods to Bewdley, we enjoyed some chips and sweets beside the River Severn. Of course, we can't forget the fabulous food and having fun in our dorms with our friends. An unforgettable week away!

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Enterprise Day was AMAZING! In our teams, we had to come up with a stall or a game - we had bracelets, slime and mystery bags to buy, and penalty shoot-outs, remote controlled cars and target games to play. A big thank you to all of the children who came to spend their money. We made an unbelievable £1278!!! We will use the money to pay for the coach to Drayton Manor and then some lovely end of year treats for Year 6.

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As part of Year 6's attendance rewards they won a day in their pyjamas! Everyone had great fun!

Nightime meets Daytime

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Year 6 had a fabulous time at Drayton Manor. We screamed, we laughed, and we got soaked. It was an incredible day!

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Mrs Wilkes' Maths Set + friends: On the last day of term, Mrs Elwell and Mrs Wilkes' Maths sets were lucky enough to make pancakes as a fun way to learn about ratio. They all had a fab time while also reinforcing a tricky maths concept and enjoyed eating their delicious pancakes!


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Parent Drop-In

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Recently, Year 6 welcomed our parents for a fantastic art lesson.  This was the first lesson where we investigated Maya artwork, patterns and symbols; the children and parents had a lovely time trying out the different techniques in our sketch books.

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Our science topic this term is based on the circulatory system and learning how it transports oxygen, water and nutrients around our bodies through the blood.  In order to get to grips with how water and nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream, we had a very messy but very fun lesson recreating the digestive system, from mouth to the "end".

Science - Making Poo!

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Year 6 T-Shirt

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As part of our Down with Darwin topic, we took part in a Design and Technology project where we had to design a t-shirt print that would link to our topic. We came up with some initial ideas and then asked Year 5 and our parents what they thought; from this we came up with our final design. We then printed our designs on special paper and ironed them onto our t-shirts.  Our designs were fabulous - we had the best time making them

Down with darwin - market research t-shirts.jpg
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Year 6 had a wonderful festive morning creating some stunning pieces of winter art.  Children used water colours to create some beautiful backgrounds and then created some fabulous trees to complete their work. I'm sure you will agree that the final pieces are magnificent!

Winter Art

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Our wonderful team of Gonk Makers in Year 6 have been working hard, in their spare time, to make Christmas gonks. They then sold these to raise money for our Dementia Friends charity which our school council are supporting.  
We are thrilled with the amount of money they made, this amount was then matched by a member of the HSA bringing the total to £200! 
The money has enabled us to buy some specialist gifts to support people living with dementia and alzheimers  in our local community. We have sent these gifts to three local care homes. Well done Gonk Makers - we are incredibly proud of all of your hard work and you should be proud of yourselves too!

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Team Gonk

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As part of our Down with Darwin topic theme, we made our own fossils out of Plaster of Paris. We then used these to write a set of instructions in our English sets. I'm sure you'll agree they look very realistic! They would fool Alan Grant himself. 

fossil gif.gif


Hexagonal Work
Year 6 have really been enjoying their artwork this term. They have been developing their shading techniques to create different parts of an animal. We also had a magnified look at part of a Galapagos animal. We talked about how stroke direction can alter the effect and the importance of blending colours to create the correct tone. Can you guess which animal these are from?

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