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On Tuesday 21st November Year 3 had a fantastic technology lesson where their parents dropped in to support them to make a moving model.  We based our models on prehistoric animals that we had previously looked at and used skills such as cutting, attaching and drawing.  Later that day, we learnt about pneumatic and created our own prototypes where we were able to use a tube to fill a balloon with compressed air to get a page to move.  We then used this idea to get our prehistoric animal to open its open. 

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My Pneumatic prehistoric animal

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For this topic, the Dudley Canal Trust visited us on Tuesday 26th September 2023. We were able to find out lots of interesting facts and information about rocks and fossils, as well as using magnifying glasses to look closer at some fossils. At the end we had a go at drawing our own different fossils.

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Rocks, Fossils and Soils

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Year 3 Stunning Start

On Tuesday 11th April 2023, Year 3 children walked into their classrooms to find lots of amazing, colourful balloons floating in the air! Excitedly, they each searched for the one with their name on, ready to learn about their new topic, which is "Oh, The Places You'll Go". The children had a fantastic day and they can't wait to see where their learning takes them this term.

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All things Ancient Egypt in Year 3

On Wednesday 22nd March 2023, Year 3 had a visit from an expert in Ancient Egypt. Everyone dressed up as an Egyptian for the day. The children were able to look at different artefacts and understand what they were used for and they learnt lots of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt, such as how they moved the sandstone blocks and how they looked after the mummies. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much! Following this exciting day, Year 3 then did their special assembly on Wednesday 29th March. The children had a wonderful time showing off their incredible knowledge, as well as their death masks and cartouches! They were able to teach all the parents about Ancient Egypt and what life was like. Just look how creative the children were making their own death masks!

Year 3 Bikeability Level 1

On Friday 17th March 2023, children in Year 3 had the opportunity to complete Level 1 Bikeability. They learnt how to ride their bike well, check their bike is road worthy and how to stay safe whilst riding. Everyone who took part had a fantastic time and were presented with a certificate for successfully completing the course.

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