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Year 2

Year 2 welcomed our parents into school to join us for an exciting History lesson! To our surprise we travelled back in time to 1666 where we met the very famous Samuel Pepys who was thrilled to be reunited with his rather smelly cheese! Samuel Pepys told us all about the events in London at the time of the Great Fire of London and we were able to ask him lots of questions to help us learn about the past. It was a very exciting morning and we learnt so many fascinating facts!

year 2.png

Super Speeches

Children in Year 2 imagined that they were a young Prince Charles this week and wrote powerful speeches to persuade the world to protect our environment.


They bravely took to the podium to deliver their super speeches to world leaders and we were really impressed with their confidence, clarity and passion.

charles speech.jpg

Amazing Science!
Year 2 have been investigating how materials can be changed by stretching, twisting, bending and squashing them.  This week's Science was to stretch a curly wurly as far as possible and measure the length of it.  It smelt rather like Cadbury World in our classrooms, but the children had great fun testing out different ways to warm up and stretch the caramel.  The winning pair stretched theirs a massive 205cm! Amazing effort - well done!

science year 2.jpg

Lion on the loose!
Year 2 were absolutely amazed to find a lion on the loose on the KS1 playground! The golden lion kept the children entertained as he darted around the playground, running and jumping on all of the equipment! The children bravely decided to feed him some juicy sausages which he greedily gobbled up! Before we knew it, the lion disappeared down the school drive with a hop, skip and a jump! We think the lion was from the book we are reading 'Katie in London'. The lion's visit really inspired us, and the children did some fantastic writing! What an exciting day!

lion 2.png
katie london.png

Year 2 Residential

50 Year 2 children have had an amazing three-day residential at Edgmond Hall in Shropshire. We all took part in some challenging outdoor, adventurous activities that included problem solving, a blind fold trail, woodland walks, den building, pond dipping, meeting the pets, campfire singing and orienteering. We even had a seventh birthday to celebrate there, with a special flag being flown and a giant cake for us all! The children had great fun, made some lasting memories and forged new bonds with both their peers and the staff. We have some very happy, grubby and tired children. What a way to end our journey together in Key Stage 1. Bring on Year 3!


Year 2 Topic Work - Africa

On Friday 20th May, Year 2 had a brilliant day learning all about African, culture including singing, dancing, making necklaces and playing Maasai games. The children looked fabulous and had great fun in their animal and safari outfits. We even had a special visit from one of the children's grandparents to share all her amazing experiences of living in Africa!

Africa 1.jfif

Butterflies in Year 2

Year 2 took delivery of 10 tiny caterpillars after the Easter Holidays. We excitedly watched them munch and grow, and munch and grow over the following 2 weeks. By then, they were ready to hang from the lid of the food pot and begin the fascinating process of metamorphosis. A further 2 weeks passed, and on a Friday afternoon the children got to witness the butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. We fed them fruit and nectar and then one warm, sunny morning we released them on our Key Stage 1 field. They were stunningly beautiful and happily landed on some of the children before flying off.


Year 2 Go WILD!

Year 2 had a brilliant time meeting all the wonderful animals at Wild Zoo last week, as a fabulous finale to their Amazon Adventures topic. The children loved feeding the lorikeets, handling different reptiles and walking through the lemur and macaw enclosures. The spectacular bird show was incredible, with dozens of birds from around the world swirling and swooping above our heads!

WILD 2.jpg
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