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Year 1

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Scooting Staff

Year 1 have had some new play equipment donated, including some scooters. Of course it was up to the staff to test them out...!

scooters 2.jpg

Year 1 Trip to Weston Park

We had an awesome time at Weston park on Wednesday 24th May. We walked along the beautiful grounds, saw the enormous mansion, made s’mores, went bug hunting, had fun on the adventure playground and went pond dipping. To quote the children

“Can we go again.?”

“It was the best day of my life.”

“I’m so excited I couldn’t sleep.”

Weston 1.jpg

Ducklings in Year 1

On Wednesday 19th April, Year 1 children had the biggest surprise when they came into school - 4 of our duckling eggs had hatched! The 5th one pecked its way out during the afternoon. It was amazing to see the children's wonderful reactions when they met our new fluffy friends.

ducklings 2023 2 (1).jpg

Year 1 have been busy!

-Year one were super excited to complete some challenges to find clues to our new topic.  We had to crack a code, unscramble letters, be brave and face the 'yucky' mystery box challenge!
-You will never guess who came to visit us a few weeks ago! The villain from our story.  We had to hide all our precious items as he had his swag bag with him and kept giving us a mischievous grin.
-We boarded a flight to China to help Eliot the midnight Superhero stop the meteor from crashing into the mountains in Tibet!
-We really enjoyed celebrating our favourite Superhero's 'Our Mum's' in our special assembly.

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