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Swap Shop - Reading Rewards

Welcome to our school Swap shop.

The shop is located outside the hall in KS2.  It is run by Year 6 children with the help of teachers and teaching assistants.  The shop is stocked with a range of items, which can be exchanged for comments written in children's books.  At the back of your child's reading record you will see a sheet with circles and the number 10 on.  Once 10 parents comments have been collected a teacher or TA will shade in the circle and initial it.  Once exchanged at the shop it will then be crossed off.

Children can exchange their comments regularly or keep rolling forward for a bigger prize. 


These are the rewards on offer:

20 comments - Item of stationery

50 comments - Stationery set

150 comments - Tea Party in School

200 comments - Film in School

250 comments - £5 Voucher

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