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The main UK charity for supporting people with Autism and their families contains useful advice and resources.


The National Attention Defecit Disorder Information and Support Service provides information and resources about all aspects of ADHD and associated conditions.


Telephone: 020 8952 2800


The UK’s leading charity for autistic people and their families provides support, guidance and resources.


Championing the rights and creating opportunities for autistic children and young people, Ambitious About Autism provides information and an online support network for families.

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Provides support, advice and services for autistic children.


Autism West Midlands provides an information helpline, activities and events, support and training for parents and carers.

Helpline: 0121 450 7575


The Blue Goose- Dudley Autism Support for Parents

Support group for parents or relatives with ASD, PDA, ODD or ADHD.


Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity supporting children’s and young people’s mental health. The website provides a range of advice and resources for children and their families.

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Touch and Learn APP -

This app is a wonderful way to explore, teach and discuss emotions, facial expressions and body language with younger children.

Age range: 4+

App compatibility: Apple devices.


Cove is a mental health music journal that captures feelings and emotions and helps with anxiety.

Age range: 4+                                      

App compatibility: All devices.

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Smiling Mind uses mindfulness and meditation to help with anxiety and overall mental wellbeing.

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Chill Panda supports children to learn how to relax, manage their worries and improve their wellbeing.

Age range: 4+                                      

App compatibility: All devices.


WRAP lets you create your own personalised plan to help keep you well by recording what makes life more difficult and what helps.

Age range: 4+

App compatibility: All devices.


The Headspace- Meditation and Sleep app helps children to learn to reduce stress, build resilience and sleep more peacefully through age specific meditation and mindfulness.

Age range: 4+

App compatibility: All devices.


Pzizz can help to calm minds and aid sleep.

Age range: 4+

App compatibility: All devices.

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