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All about me

As part of our All About Me topic, the children in Pre-School have been learning about their senses. They have had lots of fun discovering how their senses work.

We looked at the sense of sight. The children all made some binoculars and taking them outside, they explored their surroundings.

We made our own listening ears and went on a listening walk, the children discovered lots of different sounds as we walked down the school drive.

We used our sense of smell to sniff the pots and try to identify what was inside. There were some nice smells and some not so nice smells.

We tasted yummy warm buttered toast and talked about how it made us feel.

The we used our sense of touch when we were playing with different materials and textures.

We have learnt a lot about our senses.

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Ahoy Matey!

Our brand new pirate ship play area has opened for use in Pre-School.

We are so thrilled with how the pirate ship has transformed the area, we hope this new feature will encourage many play time adventures and will be enjoyed for years to come!

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