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Cotwall End Alumni - Dormston Roll of Honour

We recently received an invitation to attend an awards ceremony at Dormston school to celebrate the most outstanding of pupils from the previous school year. Imagine the pride we felt when we discovered that not one, but two Cotwall End alumni had been chosen out of the 242 pupils in that year. Those of us who remember Millie and Lilli will recall both as being hard-working and diligent pupils, keen to do their best and succeed at the highest level possible.

Millie achieved outstanding GCSE results of Grade 8 or Grade 9 in every subject. She continues to pursue her love of music and is part of an orchestra. She was one of only two pupils ever to have gained Grade 1 for effort in every report for every subject! Impressive.

Lilli has further developed her love of sports and has achieved at the highest of levels in both Netball and Swimming, participating at County and National level. Lilli was always a consciencous student but did not always find all subjects as easy as her beloved PE. Indeed, she received additional support from Mrs Sullivan in Maths and it was wonderful to hear that she secured an awesome Grade 8 at GCSE.

Go Lilli, go Millie, reach for the stars and the world is there for you. We are all so very proud of you and wish you every success for the future.

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