School Starts

8.40am School Opens

8.50am Registration


9.00am Monday to Thursday

9.00am Friday Praise Assembly


12.00pm-12.55pm Foundation, KS1

12.00pm - 12.50pm Years 3 & 4

12.10pm-1.00pm Years 5 & 6

School Finish

3.15pm KS1

3.20pm KS2

Meet our Playleaders

 This intrepid band of recreational experts are already transforming our lunchtimes with fun, energetic and creative activities to suit everyone's interests and tastes.

Mrs Wilkes, our school Assistant Headteacher, has worked hard to draw up a timetable where all children get to enjoy lots of different activities during each lunch hour; this way pupils don't get bored and everyone has fun with their friends.  The new arrangements are currently being trialled with our Key Stage two children from Years 3 to 6, but if it continues to be successful, then we will be rolling it out to Key Stage one pupils in Years 1 and 2 at a later date.

The children have been very enthusiastic about the new arrangements and have commented that it gives them lots of active time to play organised games, games with friends, but also to have quieter times when they can play games like draughts, twister, chess and even darts - child friendly ones of course with NO sharp points!  Of course children are also learning some of our school values through play (like honesty, happiness, kindness and self-belief), developing new skills and interests in a non-competitive enjoyable environment.

Keep up the great work Play-Leaders and don't forget to use your Anti-Bullying Ambassador skills too!